What's Up With the YouTube Process Videos?!

I think I drew my first card for my wife, probably a few years back. I’m thinking anniversary card. I know also did one for my father’s 61st birthday and one for Mother’s Day two years ago. Up until the start of this year, however, I estimate I’ve maybe completed five cards total in the last four years.

Many Updates In One

Judging by my calculations, it’s been almost seven months since I last posted here. I’m afraid to even look at my paper-bound journal. I suspect the freshest ink on those pages is over a year old now. What follows is a stream of consciousness, roughly summarizing the last seven months. Go! 26.2: Most of my early mornings have been occupied by “miles on the road”. As I write this, I’m only two weeks away from the 2015 Twin Cities Marathon and I’m feeling pretty good.

Kicking It With @DeschutesBeer Obsidian Stout

(Most) every Sunday we have dinner with my parents. They only live a few minutes away and it’s a great way to cap the weekend. This past weekend we were casually minding our own business when I got a text from our California family. The picture, captioned with “Come over!!!!“, depicted a sunny deck scene with shorts and margaritas, bare feet and a cribbage board. A most welcome pseudo-Rockwellian scene.

Announcing the Postach.io Theme Tester

I have a somewhat bad habit of over-complicating things. “Oh, the light bulb burned out? It must be time to remodel the bathroom.” This is how my brain works. I take a simple problem and solve it in my mind, often to a ludicrous number of conclusions. I’m thankful for this little flaw in my character. It has served me well all these years in technology. So, when I started using Postach.io as the publishing engine for my blog, I came across a small problem.

Workspace: Surrounding Yourself With Inspiration

I believe we are our most constructive and creative selves when we’re surrounded by inspiration. Inspiration can be anything - input or output - revealing itself in a million different forms. The beautiful, and very simple fact, is, that although something can inspire many people, how something inspires you is personal and unique. I believe it is this individual connection, this inspiring link, that fuels our creative juices and makes us our best selves.