Announcing the Theme Tester

I have a somewhat bad habit of over-complicating things. “Oh, the light bulb burned out? It must be time to remodel the bathroom.” This is how my brain works. I take a simple problem and solve it in my mind, often to a ludicrous number of conclusions. I’m thankful for this little flaw in my character. It has served me well all these years in technology. So, when I started using Postach.

Workspace: Surrounding Yourself With Inspiration

I believe we are our most constructive and creative selves when we’re surrounded by inspiration. Inspiration can be anything - input or output - revealing itself in a million different forms. The beautiful, and very simple fact, is, that although something can inspire many people, how something inspires you is personal and unique. I believe it is this individual connection, this inspiring link, that fuels our creative juices and makes us our best selves.

Loscil (@_loscil_) releases "Sea Island" - understated and peaceful, ambient and challenging

My first exposure to the wonderful sounds of Loscil was while playing the game Osmos. An old colleague of mine turned me onto the game, specifically instructing me to listen closely to the soundtrack. I quickly found myself giving others the same advice - go buy a copy of Osmos for your tablet, plugin your headphones, crank up the volume, and enjoy. It is truly an amazing game with an even more amazing soundtrack.

Porting Jordan Bowman's (@jrdnbwmn) Detox Theme To Use With (@postachio)

I believe it’s best to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. OK, I believe this most of the time. There are a few rare occasions when asking for permission is a necessity. This is not one of those occasions. recently integrated their theme engine with GitHub, allowing users to modify existing themes or build their own. Regardless of my personal feelings on their decision, I wanted to test their custom theme functionality for myself and see what could be accomplished with a little effort. (@postachio) Requires GitHub (@github) For Theme Customization?!

At some point the team decided their dashboard theme editor was… was what? Insufficient? Too complicated? Difficult to maintain? I don’t know. I never had a chance to use their old theme editor. What I do know is that their new theme editing solution poses a number of significant challenges - some of which I fear might really harm their growth. That would be a shame. I like the simplicity of their easy-to-use Evernote-to-blog approach.