Announcing the Theme Tester

I have a somewhat bad habit of over-complicating things. “Oh, the light bulb burned out? It must be time to remodel the bathroom.” This is how my brain works. I take a simple problem and solve it in my mind, often to a ludicrous number of conclusions. I’m thankful for this little flaw in my character. It has served me well all these years in technology.

So, when I started using as the publishing engine for my blog, I came across a small problem. Well, a small problem to some. I started thinking about their system for changing themes and my brain shifted into overdrive. Why can’t I preview my content with a new theme? Why can’t I interact with a theme before deciding to flip the switch? Where can I find other themes? Can I preview those? etc.

It’s been a month since I started asking myself those questions. I’m happy to announce that I’ve come up with a solution. Well, the beginnings of a solution, anyway. (I practice what I preach when it comes to development lifecycles.) Theme Tester

I built the Theme Tester to solve two problems. One, I wanted an easy way to test themes without messing with my own blog. Two, I wanted a place where I could curate open-source themes and share them with others. Simple, right? Well, it’s supposed to be simple.

The Theme Tester will evolve, most assuredly. I started compiling a backlog of features and defects to resolve. The list is meager, but I’m sure that’ll change as people make requests. Most of the big “stuff” is still rattling around in my head.

Finally, because it’s worth restating… I am a big fan of This project is my own. They’ve had no part in this project, to date. As their theme management solution evolves, it’s possible that this project will disappear. Please contact me directly if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

For the curious: I built this with Python on Google App Engine. It was a great learning experience.