Do you believe in magic?

This was originally posted on as part of my very first blog. Resurrecting here as a means of archiving/remembering the past.

Today I went to Thrift Town. As always, it was interesting. I scored a copy of Public Enemy’s”Fear of a Black Planet” (LP), Dave Brubeck’s”Time Out” (original 6 eye stereo, NM LP), a math book for my brother, and an old photo album.

The records are cool, but the photo album had a secret surprise inside. I’m not one for superstition, but considering my wedding and honeymoon are not far off, finding pictures of the honeymoon destination, 24 years in the past, is pretty cool.

On the lighter side, I have to wake early and take BART to Oakland for Jury Duty. Wow! Can I even contain my excitement.

More tomorrow - maybe something for birthdays and graduations and mothers day?!