Green Day vs. Blink 182

This was originally posted on as part of my very first blog. Resurrecting here as a means of archiving/remembering the past.

Saturday night, 4/27/02, T, J, D, and I went to the Green Day/Blink 182 concert at the Shoreline Ampitheatre. We sat in the grass and screamed at the big screen!

[editors note: Jimmy Eat World opened, followed by Green Day and finally Blink 182]

The intermissions were filled with Jimmy Connors’ evil step-children, escaped inmates rolling down the hills, wrestling matches, and scads of teenagers sporting Atticus wear. Gone are the days where “pop-punk” equated to leather jackets and army boots.

Today’s MALE (pre-pubescent) Blink fans sport pants that start below their ass and end two feet behind them, dragging like tube socks your mom repeatedly told you to pull up. There were quite a few experiences where the “mommy” chaperon yanked on those baggy-ass jeans, only to be scolded with a whiney “MOOOOMMMMMMMMM!”

Today’s FEMALE (age unknown) Blink fans sport jeans that would make any child-of-the-seventies proud. Interestingly enough there were fewer parental overlords for the female of the species. This seemed a bit awkward to me.

Rock for 45 minutes, people watch for 30, continue until the show is over or ad nauseam.

Green Day rocked the house, plain and simple. They played second and Blink 182 didn’t stand a chance. Actually, I’m sort of glad Green Day played second because Blink sucked so bad we left early.

Green Day’s show was exactly what you’d expect from a veteran musical force with tasty tunes and a stage presence to kick a llama’s ass (thanks bro). Green Day’s greatest moments? The trumpet playing bee, Billie Joe with a Super Soaker, or the pick-up Green Day chosen from members of the audience? I have to say that seeing a 12 year old kid sporting a blue mohawk and playing the bass on stage wins hands down.

As for Blink. If I was 12, loved hearing repeated jokes about grandpa and his d*ck, his *ssh*l*, or the “f” word over and over again, it might have been a good performance. The onstage fighting didn’t help any. Maybe all of the children-of-divorce in the crowd related to the bickering. I guess I missed the boat when I had two loving parents.

I guess I’ll stick to the over-produced CD’s and MTV specials where Blink actually come across as good guys - as opposed to sh*t and d*ck obsessed children with too much time on their hands.