Loscil (@_loscil_) releases "Sea Island" - understated and peaceful, ambient and challenging

My first exposure to the wonderful sounds of Loscil was while playing the game Osmos. An old colleague of mine turned me onto the game, specifically instructing me to listen closely to the soundtrack. I quickly found myself giving others the same advice - go buy a copy of Osmos for your tablet, plugin your headphones, crank up the volume, and enjoy. It is truly an amazing game with an even more amazing soundtrack.

I would compare my experience of discovering Loscil within Osmos to finding silver dollars in thrift store Levis. Such a welcome and valued surprise.

I don’t play Osmos as much as I used to but I certainly listen to Loscil (a lot). I don’t know how to quantify the amount of Loscil I listen to without sounding too hyperbolic. This is like one of those infographic challenges - “describe to a five year old how many pennies are in a million dollars”. Silly, I know. Take my word for it, Loscil is a staple in my diverse and voracious music consumption. It is, for all intents and purposes, my internal soundtrack.

Loscil’s new album Sea Island was released today. I had to pause Endless Falls immediately upon realizing that today was the day. Oh joy, a wonderful early birthday present just for me; a present I’d almost forgotten to unwrap. Foolish.

Track number two, “In Threes”, is downright inspired. I’m in love with the binaural textures, the feverish tempo, and the syncopated and subtle pulsing. Hell, why focus on a single track. The entire album is as-intended: understated and peaceful, ambient and challenging. The album has a slightly darker undercurrent, often tense in delivery. I hear an immense amount of tide-like control, water rushing further and further up the beach, never straying too far so as to disintegrate and lose body. The tension causes anxiety while the fullness of sound grounds the listening experience. It is very well balanced, in my opinion.

I’m reminded of the solo works of Klaus Schulze, specifically Moondawn and Timewind, and this makes me very happy.

Finally finishing up this little “review”, I guess, I’m now on my second pass through Sea Island. I suspect it won’t be the last, today.