Many Updates In One

Judging by my calculations, it’s been almost seven months since I last posted here. I’m afraid to even look at my paper-bound journal. I suspect the freshest ink on those pages is over a year old now.

What follows is a stream of consciousness, roughly summarizing the last seven months. Go!

  • 26.2: Most of my early mornings have been occupied by “miles on the road”. As I write this, I’m only two weeks away from the 2015 Twin Cities Marathon and I’m feeling pretty good. My “eleven” this morning was a piece of cake. Super fun. But, I’m tired and really looking forward to crossing that finish line. Wish me luck!
  • Strava: If you’re a runner or a cyclist, go check out Strava. I’ve been using it pretty steadily for the last month and the features are amazing. The segment comparison is awesome and the route creation tools are fantastic. If I decide to continue this “running thing”, I’ll likely drop my Nike+ watch and go with a Strava-compatible Garmin. Sadly the Nike+ experience has gotten worse and worse over the last year. Life is short, upgrade.
  • Artsy: My folks, the garage sale enthusiasts that they are, stumbled across something on my wish list – a vintage Hamilton drafting table. Yes! So stoked! I’m in the process of restoring the drawing surface and cleaning up the hardware so I can add it to the office. I’ve got big plans!
  • Instagram: I’m attempting to use Instagram. I like taking pictures, as I’m sure you can tell by the abundance of imagery within my blog posts, but I’ve always struggled with sharing. Flickr is dead to me and 500px doesn’t quite fit my disposition. I was posting images directly to Twitter but thought I should keep things separate. Why? Who knows. Anyway, I setup an Instragram account and will give that a fair shake. Who knows. Maybe I’ll move all my pictures to this blog instead. [ed. Why don’t Instagram images appear automatically in Twitter streams? #seemsLogical]
  • Hugo: The amazing static site generator, that I now use for this blog, is fantastic. I’ve used it on two different independent projects and it made development and consistency a piece of cake. I highly recommend it.
  • Secret Project: I’m embarking on a top secret project that will require iOS development. I don’t know how to develop iOS applications, so I’ve now got a completely new tech stack to learn. Awesome! I won’t say any more about my idea, for fear of jinxing myself or giving away the idea. I will say, it’s designed for people like me. Insert your own snarky comment _______________.
  • I (still) have a great idea for this domain. Sadly, I’m more focused on the Secret Project. Not enough hours in the day, I guess. I’m debating whether or not I should sell or continue to hold onto it. Thoughts?
  • Walt Mink: October 29 & 30. Date night with our favorite band. Huzzah.
  • Casey: Watch his vlogs. He’s an inspiration.

OK. I’ll stop here.