Revisiting Old Blogs

I first registered almost seventeen (17) years ago. I could have sworn I registered it back in 1999, prior to leaving MCAD and moving to San Francisco, but the WHOIS record says 2000-05-25T02:53:46Z. Interesting. Anyway, my blogging over these last seventeen years has been sporadic, at best. I generally blame my skill with the English language. Nouns and verbs don’t come as easily to me as paint and palette, although I’m no slouch as a wordsmith.

What I find much more interesting is the fact that over the last seventeen years, I’ve built, retooled, and leveraged almost a dozen different blogging utilities/tools/systems. I suspect I’ve written more lines of code for the applications than I did for my stories. Most of my early blogs were managed via home-spun content management systems. At some point I know I leveraged Movable Type and WordPress. Currently I’m using Hugo because I’m a sucker for the process and the publishing aspects.

Well, in an effort to consolidate what I’ve written, I’m slowly digging through my archives and consolidating stories here under the heading. I’m not sure this activity is a good use of my time but I do believe backwards compatibility is a real concern for much of what I’m trying to recapture.

Let the embarrassment begin: Pinball in Japan? and Green Day vs. Blink 182, both from 2002.