Workspace: Surrounding Yourself With Inspiration

I believe we are our most constructive and creative selves when we’re surrounded by inspiration. Inspiration can be anything - input or output - revealing itself in a million different forms. The beautiful, and very simple fact, is, that although something can inspire many people, how something inspires you is personal and unique. I believe it is this individual connection, this inspiring link, that fuels our creative juices and makes us our best selves. I say, surround yourself with as much inspiration as possible.

For the curious, here’s a picture of my workspace, surrounded by many of my inspirations.

Home Office

And, just a few of my inspirations, annotated for posterity.

Home Office Annotated

A. A hot cup of black tea - preferably in my Grandma’s mug
B. Tools of the Trade print from Burlesque of North America
C. Cameras, old and new - two Minolta SLR bodies, a Yashica rangefinder, my grandmother’s vintage Agfa, a Nikon D80, and my baby (Olympus OM-D E-M5)
D. Stacks and stacks of art books, mostly related to posters, illustration, and art history
E. A picture of my old and dearly missed friend, Earl Root
F. Flat files filled with hundreds of posters and prints, original artwork, and random goodness
G. Empty Surly beer bottles
H. Laughing Hyenas silkscreen poster by Derek Hess (#185330)
I. Race bib from the Tough Mudder (#66665)
J. My wedding invitation (Gocco printed with Cupid and Psyche)
K. Revolution Records silkscreen poster by Frank Kozik (#91250)
L. An ever-expanding collection of twisty puzzles
M. Twenty years of business cards stored in a wooden box
N. Seven years of laptops
O. Ceramic Oscar the Grouch, hand-painted by my mother from my childhood
P. First boombox, c. 1984
Q. What remains of my vinyl collection - gifts and special pieces only
R. A picture of my two beautiful children
S. The ticket stub from my first concert - Joe Satriani during the Flying in a Blue Dream tour
T. My travel box of watercolors, inks, and pencils
U. My backlog of casual reading books
V. Thirty plus years of sketchbooks
&. Walt Mink stuff; odd-ball comic books; drafting supplies; photos of my wife in high school; Ryan Seitz, Mark Arminski, and Adam Swinbourne posters; random photos and stickers; 8mm films; and so much more…