What's Up With the YouTube Process Videos?!

I think I drew my first card for my wife, probably a few years back. I’m thinking anniversary card. I know also did one for my father’s 61st birthday and one for Mother’s Day two years ago. Up until the start of this year, however, I estimate I’ve maybe completed five cards total in the last four years. This year, however, I set out to do more.

YouTube Thumbnails

I’ve completed nine so far. My goal was twelve by end-of-year. It looks like I’ll meet that goal easily. Based on some back-of-the-napkin math, I think I’ll wind up with at least thirteen.

Truth be told it’s not really the card that gets me excited. Don’t get me wrong, I love the artistic process – the sketches and color studies, searching for interesting ideas, and creating artwork that makes people smile. Beyond the end result, however, it’s the incidental tasks – recording the time-lapse videos, composing ambient soundscapes, and editing the final video for YouTube – that have exposed a much deeper level of personal expression than I’d expected.

I find the entire end-to-end creative experience immensely rewarding and delight in trying new things. I can’t wait to experiment with new mediums, multiple cameras, and different instruments. I can’t wait to explore longer pieces, maybe even with a narrative.

So excited.